Combining Elements Art Show

Phil Mikkelson’s COMBINING ELEMENTS ART SHOW at Catalyst Ashland Gallery.

When: November 4th – December 29th
Where: Catalyst Ashland, 357 E Main St, Ashland, OR
Contact: 541-625-6565

Phil Mikkelson’s @MutechIndustries, Combining Elements features mixed media artifacts that combine electronics, metal, glass, water, and resin to create functional art – light sculptures, waterfalls and retro gaming counter consoles.

Miles Inada’s Never Enough, is a show of animation and drawings by Miles Inada @armsandether and featuring collaborations with Devyn McConachie, Tessa Brinckmann, David Bithell, Robert Arellano, Evan Carroll, Lawson Inada and Todd Barton.

Show is open from November 4th  closing December 29, 2022.