Exotic Water Gardens

These living waterfalls are called MuRocks. Each MuRock begins with thoughtfully selected pieces of natural Lace Rock.  Using textured epoxies the stones are reshaped and reconfigured around a single PVC core that can contain pumps, filters, foggers, lighting or special effects.

Each MuRock is a complete system that that takes months in a live environment, under grow lights for the mosses & plants to flourish, slowly covering the artificial rock until it becomes complex living art.

ROCK L-2014 stands 4′-7” tall and is composed of almost 200lbs of rock and epoxy. This rock is equipped with a fogger, water pump and filter system.

MuRocks can be small 5lb for aquariums and terrariums or 230lb+ for ponds and aquatic environments.

OCK M-2018 is 2′-5″ tall and weighs in at 56 pounds.
MuRocks are biologically active systems and require more care than “normal” art.

MuRocks are more than “natural”.

They are super…

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