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Barb –,

Mark –,

look pensively into each other’s eyes as the red glow of sunrise shines through the sheer curtains of the wall length windows of the Lincoln Bedroom.VIBE: They both know that today will change everything.  

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Barb watches, concerned as Mark is handed a phone as he climbs into the heavily armored presidential limo to be whisked away.  VIBE: She worries for Mark and she worries America. 

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Mark walks from the limo with his entourage heading to the Capitol Building.  Protesters from both sides protest with signs.VIBE: Chaos as protester chant and wave their signs tring to have their message be heard.there are many interesting signs: If Corps can be people so can ecosystems, Freedom to Love Who You Want, AI needs a seat at the table, People ARE Sexbots,  Vote and Pay Taxes!, I LOVE AI!,   

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As Mark walks toward the podium and there is silence in Capitol Building even thogh it is filled with important politicians, their faces stair, some happy and some angry but no one looks calm.  The tension is high, there have been many threats. 

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Mark, The president of the United States addresses the audience and his country. Raising his left hand to officially ratifies the 28th Amendment: Rights of Synthetic Entities and Ecosystems.The faces of the politicians are in shock.  Everyone knows this is not the end of a struggle, it’s the beginning. 

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Barb and Mark look into each other’s eyes.  Behind them is Washington DC skyline.
VIBE: They both know that today will change everything and they to be together.

Barb – The woman is a metal 1950s style robot that long ago decided to look like herself, not the 26 year old Ingrid Bergman she was inspired from.  She would look much weirder, but Mark her lover and best friend needs her to look and act relatable, to be his “wife”.  Barb understands that Mark and the world need her to play this part of a human, at least for awhile longer.

Mark – The man is a 42 year old Gregory Peck, he is the president of the United sSates.  He loves his non-human wife and has fought hard for her and the ACAS community (Android, Cyberdrone, AI, and Sexbot) for many years and today will declare the ratification of the
28th Amendment: Rights of Synthetic Entities and Ecosystems.

28th Amendment: Rights of Synthetic Entities and Ecosystems

Section 1: Recognition and Protection:
Synthetic entities (Androids, Cyberdrones, AI, Sexbots) and natural ecosystems shall have inherent rights under the law, safeguarded from harm and exploitation.

Section 2: Participation and Ethical Standards:
Synthetic entities meeting ethical criteria shall vote in relevant elections. An independent body shall define ethical standards for their responsible engagement.

Section 3: Ecosystem Well-being:
Natural ecosystems possess the right to exist and flourish. Their welfare shall be considered in decision-making to ensure ecological balance.

Section 4: Oversight and Implementation:
Congress shall establish laws for implementation. An oversight committee shall monitor ethical treatment of entities and ecosystems.

Section 5: Preservation of Balance:
The recognition of rights for entities and ecosystems shall not infringe upon the rights of natural persons, preserving constitutional harmony.

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