Phil Mikkelson

I support truth, justice and the pursuit of happiness for all – BLACK LIVES MATTER!

What is Phil Mikkelson?

In the late 80’s I was a computer programmer by day. By night I made and sold VooDoo Jewelry (chicken bones, leather  & electronic parts), Dimensional Paintings (mixed media on stacked layers of glass), art installations and special effects for videos & live events.

In 1989 I got my first job in the video game industry – CHOMP! for the Commodore64, published by Cosmi. Since then I’ve worked as a producer, designer and artist for Accolade, Amazing Media, AVE, Berkeley Systems, Color Dreams, EA, Majesco, Take-Two/Rockstar and others.

I also develop websites and applications for business and nonprofits and I’m currently in need of a strong full stack developer with Go experience to update an existing Google Maps application.

I’m always interesting in listening to new ideas that make the future brighter for everyone.

Thanks for visiting and please Contact Me if you need assistance or more information.

My old Phil Mikkelson home page header featuring a few games I worked on in the past.

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